The Law Office of Robert F. Danzi has obtained many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for its clients over the years. Below is a sampling of our results:

A.S. v. J.B., M.D.* $78.65 million
Biesty v. Hospital, et al* $35 million
R. v. G. M.D., et al* $10.0 million
C. v. B. Hospital* $9.061 million**
B. v. L. Hospital* $8.0 million
D. v. T.R. M.D., et al* $7.321 million**
J.R. v. W.C., et al* $7.0 million
E. v. T. M.D., et al* $7.0 million
Bayron v. Associates Leasing, et al $6.2 million
Ujvari v. Kashen, M.D., et al $5.0 million
Ramlochan v. Sweet Pea Home Care, et al. $4.5 million
Tsigakos v. 57-00 Maspeth Ave., LLC, et al $2.4 million
S. v. M. Hospital* $2.4 million
Gallant v. Moses, M.D., et al $2.3 million
Provenzano v. The State of New York $2.3 million
Ayala v. Cattani, M.D., et al $2.0 million
P. v. H. Hospital, et al* $2.0 million
S. v. K.C. M.D., et al* $1.919 million**
D. v. U. Hospital* $1.75 million
Alcaly v. Town of North Hempstead $1.25 million
Amendoeira v. Weber, et al $1.2 million
A v. DF & H. Hospital* $1.05 million**
Huggins v. Hempstead General Hospital, et al $1.6 million
Nelson v. Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center, et al $1.6 million
Ilardi v. Cohen, et al $1.5 million
P. v. W. M.D., et al.* $1.5 million
Y. v. B. M.D., et al* $1.4 million
C. v. J.C. M.D., et al* $1.3 million
J. v. L. Hospital, et al* $1.1 million
Idi v. New York City Housing Authority, et al $1.1 million
K. v. J. M.D., et al* $1.0 million
McKay v. The State of New York $1.0 million
Ferreira v. Wyckoff Heights Medical Center $1.0 million
S. v. E. M.D., et al* $1.2 million
Tolentino v. Latuga, et al $1.0 million
Villa v. Krumholz, M.D., et al $1.0 million

*Names excluded due to confidentiality agreement
**Lifetime payout

Past results are not a guarantee of future results